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Package org.geotoolkit.display.axis

Support for drawable axis with graduation.

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Package org.geotoolkit.display.axis Description

Support for drawable axis with graduation. Axis objects (Axis2D) are lines (Line2D) with a graduation (Graduation). Axes are graduated from the starting point (Line2D.getP1()) to the end point (Line2D.getP2()). Since axes can have arbitrary starting and end points (usually expressed in pixel coordinates), axes can be located anywhere in a widget and have any direction: vertical, horizontal, inclined, increasing up or down, etc. Two axes don't have to be perpendicular. As long as they are not parallel, it is always possible to construct an AffineTransform mapping logical values to pixel coordinates on any arbitrary axis, no matter their orientation.
Martin Desruisseaux (MPO, IRD)

Defined in the geotk-render module

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