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Spatial (usually geographic) informations encoded in images as metadata.

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Package Description

Spatial (usually geographic) informations encoded in images as metadata.

This package defines a spatial metadata format which is aimed image format neutral. The metadata format defines a structure for a XML-like tree of nodes with elements and attributes inferred from GeoAPI interfaces and methods. For example, the GeoAPI ImageDescription interface contains a getCloudCoverPercentage() method which return a value of type Double. They are reflected in the spatial metadata format as an "ImageDescription" node with a "cloudCoverPercentage" attribute of type IIOMetadataFormat.DATATYPE_DOUBLE.

The metadata values are can be stored in a standard IIOMetadata object. However this package defines a convenience subclass, SpatialMetadata, which can instantiate implementations of the ISO 19115-2 standard. This allow fetching attribute values in the XML tree with simple method calls like:

ImageDescription desc = metadata.getInstanceForType(ImageDescription.class);
Double cloudCover = desc.getCloudCoverPercentage()
This package uses MetadataNodeAccessor for reading and writing attribute values. That accessor provides parsing and formatting convenience methods for the following attribute types. Note that this restriction applies to attributes only; user object attached to elements can be of any type.

 Java type   IIOMetadataFormat type   IIOMetadataFormat value 
The following formatting rules apply:

The default metadata formats defined in this package are inspired by the following material:

The ISO 19129 standard defines the metadata that are expected to exist in every coverage format. The table below gives the relationship between ISO 19129 constructs and Java or GeoAPI. Not all ISO constructs are implemented; see SpatialMetadataFormat for the list of constructs available in Geotk.

ISO 19129 construct Java or GeoAPI class Description
 IF_Transmittal   Input/output of javax.imageio   The entity used in the encoded exchange format to carry all, part of, or several data sets.
 IF_DataSet   Collection of RenderedImage  An identifiable collection of data that can be represented in an exchange format or stored on a storage media.
 IF_Collection   Collection of GridCoverage  A collection of IF_CoverageData and associated metadata.
 IF_CollectionMetadata   Metadata in IIOMetadata   A set of collection metadata that describes the data product as represented in the collection.
 IF_DiscoveryMetadata   Identification in IIOMetadata   A set of discovery metadata that describes the data set so that it can be accessed.
 IF_AcquisitionMetadata   AcquisitionInformation in IIOMetadata   A set of acquisition metadata that describes the source of the data values.
 IF_QualityMetadata   DataQuality in IIOMetadata   A set of quality metadata that describes the quality of the data values.
 IF_StructuralMetadata   RenderedImage width, height and models   A set of structural metadata that describes the structure of the coverage.
 IF_Tiling   RenderedImage tile width & height   Describes the tiling scheme used within the collection.
 IF_GridCoverage   ContinuousQuadrilateralGridCoverage   Implements Continuous Quadrilateral Grid Coverage from ISO 19123.
 IF_TINCoverage   TinCoverage   Implements TIN Coverage from ISO 19123.
 IF_PointSetCoverage   PointSetCoverage   Implements Point Set Coverage from ISO 19123.
 IF_DiscreteSurfaceCoverage   DiscreteSurfaceCoverage   Implements Discrete Surface Coverage from ISO 19123.
Martin Desruisseaux (Geomatys), Cédric Briançon (Geomatys)

Defined in the geotk-coverage module

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