Package org.geotoolkit.metadata

Root package for various metadata implementations.

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Package org.geotoolkit.metadata Description

Root package for various metadata implementations. For a global overview of metadata in Geotk, see the Metadata page on the project web site.

This root package can work with different metadata standards, not just ISO 19115. In this package, a metadata standard is defined by a collection of Java interfaces defined in a specific package and its sub-packages. For example the ISO 19115 standard is defined by the interfaces in the org.opengis.metadata package and sub-packages. This org.geotoolkit.metadata package uses Java reflection for performing basic operations like comparisons and copies.

The available metadata implementations are:

org.apache.sis.metadata.iso concrete implementation of ISO interfaces, including ISO 19115 and ISO 19115-2.
org.geotoolkit.metadata.sql implementation of metadata interfaces backed by a SQL database. The metadata interfaces doesn't need to be ISO ones, which is why this package is not a sub-package of the ISO's one. Metadata managed by this package (it doesn't need to be a Geotk implementation) viewed as a XML tree of IIOMetadataNodes. This is used for Image I/O operations.

All metadata can be view as a map for use with Java collections, or as a tree for use in Swing or other GUI applications.

ISO 19115 metadata can be marshalled and unmarshalled in XML using the XML convenience methods.

Martin Desruisseaux (IRD, Geomatys)

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