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Package org.geotoolkit.parameter


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Package org.geotoolkit.parameter Description

Parameter descriptor and parameter value implementations. An explanation for this package is provided in the OpenGIS® javadoc. The remaining discussion on this page is specific to the Geotk implementation.

The starting point is often org.geotoolkit.parameter.DefaultParameterDescriptorGroup. Operation implementations need to defines one. The following example creates a group of two parameters. The first parameter accepts integers ranging from 0 to 3 inclusive, with a default value of 2. The second parameter accepts real numbers ranging from 0 to 100 kilometres inclusive, with no default value:

// Creates the group of parameters named "MyOperation".
ParameterDescriptorGroup myOperation = new DefaultParameterDescriptorGroup("MyOperation",
        DefaultParameterDescriptor.create("dimension", 2, 0, 3),
        DefaultParameterDescriptor.create("distance", Double.NaN, 0, 100, Units.KILOMETRE));
Operation usages typically invoke the ParameterDescriptorGroup.createValue() method on the above parameters instance, and fill the returned object with parameter values. Example:
ParameterValueGroup group = myOperation.createValue();
group.parameter("distance").setValue(200.0, Units.METRE);

This Geotk package provides the following implementations:

Martin Desruisseaux (IRD, Geomatys)

Defined in the geotk-referencing module

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