The source code repository maintains two branches:

The default branch

The default branch is the current main development branch. This is the branch that users and developers get after a fresh checkout of source code. This is also the branch which is built by the continuous integration system and deployed on the Maven repository. The default branch implements the interfaces defined in the GeoAPI 3.1-M04 milestones.

The GeoAPI-3.0 branch

The GeoAPI-3.0 branch is a merge of the default branch ported to the interfaces defined by the GeoAPI 3.0.0 release. This branch contains only the metadata and referencing modules - together with their dependencies - because the metadata and referencing interfaces are the only ones defined by the current GeoAPI specification.

This branch is deployed on the Maven Central repository, so Maven projects don't need to declare any <repository> section in their pom.xml file for using it. Maven projects can use this branch by appending -geoapi-3.0 to the Geotk version number in their dependencies. See Maven download for an example.