Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
Resource compiler Compiles internationalization files. They are Java properties files transformed into UTF files. Their values are made compliant with the java.text.MessageFormat syntax, and a set of programmatic constants are generated for the keys.
UNO packager Creates a oxt file for, which is basically a ZIP file with a META-INF/manifest.xml file. The principle is similar to Java JAR files.
Maven plugins Maven plugins specific to the Geotk project.
Test base Miscellaneous utilities for test suites.
Scalability test Test the scalability of some Geotk modules. This test is executed from the console on arbitrary data which must be supplied by the user.
Reports generator Generates some HTML reports for the Geotk library. The classes in this module iterate over some kind of services declared by the Geotk library (for example the list of map projections) and produce HTML reports to be copied on the web server. The reports are for example the list of all supported EPSG codes.
EPSG pack Pack the EPSG data script file. This module is used only when the geotk-epsg module needs to be updated for a new release of the EPSG database. It can be run from the command line with "java -jar geotk-epsg-pack-4.x-SNAPSHOT.jar".
Provided classes Placeholder for classes that are expected to be provided in the user's environment. They are used at compile-time only, they will not be included in the distribution. The most noticeable example is NamespacePrefixMapper used by JAXB.
Tools Projects group for miscellaneous tools that are not Maven plugins.