Metadata core

Implementations of metadata derived from ISO 19115. This module provides both an implementation of the metadata interfaces defined in GeoAPI, and a framework for handling those metadata through Java reflection.

See Overview of Metadata support in

Packages provided in this module

The main packages are listed below. This list does not include a few classes that are defined in packages that would normally belong to other modules, like DefaultReferenceIdentifier which is defined here for dependencies raisons.

  • org.geotoolkit.metadata
  • org.geotoolkit.metadata.iso
  • org.geotoolkit.metadata.iso.acquisition
  • org.geotoolkit.metadata.iso.citation
  • org.geotoolkit.metadata.iso.constraint
  • org.geotoolkit.metadata.iso.content
  • org.geotoolkit.metadata.iso.distribution
  • org.geotoolkit.metadata.iso.extent
  • org.geotoolkit.metadata.iso.identification
  • org.geotoolkit.metadata.iso.lineage
  • org.geotoolkit.metadata.iso.maintenance
  • org.geotoolkit.metadata.iso.quality
  • org.geotoolkit.metadata.iso.spatial
  • org.geotoolkit.metadata.naming