Projects group for referencing services. This group contains the core of referencing services (geotk-referencing) and various plugins. See the "Modules" links on the left side for information about individual components.

Definition of terms (derived from ISO 19111)

  • Datum
    Parameter or set of parameters that define the position of the origin, the scale, and the orientation of a Coordinate System.
  • Coordinate System
    Set of mathematical rules for specifying how coordinates are to be assigned to points.
  • Coordinate Reference System (often abridged as CRS)
    Coordinate System that is related to an object by a Datum. The CoordinateReferenceSystem type is the base interface used in most Coordinate Operations with the Geotk library.
  • Coordinate Operation
    Change of coordinates, based on a one-to-one relationship, from one Coordinate Reference System to another. Map projections are special cases of Coordinate Operations.