Geotk requires Java 7. If the coverage or display modules are also used, then Geotk requires also the Java Advanced Imaging library. Note that this library is pre-installed on MacOS X.

While not mandatory, the referencing module works better with a connection to an EPSG database. The database will be created automatically if the sis-epsg.jar file is available on the classpath, together with one of the following dependencies:

  • derby.jar
  • hdsldb.jar

By default, the database is created in a sub-directory in the user application directory. This is always a sub-directory of the user home directory, but the complete path is platform-dependent ("Application Data" on Windows, "Library" on MacOS, the home directory on Linux). The directory can be changed by running the graphical application provided in the geotk-setup module.

The above-cited Setup application can also create the EPSG database on PostgreSQL, using connection parameters which must be explicitly specified.

Maven configuration

Because modules beyond metadata and referencing are not yet deployed on Maven Central, projects need to declare the Geotk repository in order to use them. The example below uses the Coverage I/O services:

    <name> repository</name>